The KYC rewards are distributed at the end of each month on the Gnosis chain. If you have an approved verification for Fractal Protocol Identity Incentives and did not receive your rewards, you might need to add both the Gnosis chain and the FCL token to your wallet.

  • To add the Gnosis network, please follow these steps:
  1. Open your EVM wallet (e.g. MetaMask)
  2. Click on "Add Network"
  3. Enter Gnosis information (available in this link

  • To add Gnosis FCL, please proceed as follows:
  1. In your EVM wallet (e.g. MetaMask), please click on "import tokens" and enter the FCL information:
  • Token contract address: 0xe68856eb29B2FB39699286CcA7F10f90Ce8AE9De
  • Token symbol: FCL
  • Token decimal is automatically filled in by the system. If it is not, please enter 18.

Have you done the steps above and it didn't work? Please reach out to our Support team at